Why is it needed!

With the increase in number of business users and consumers who are accessing internet through their tablets and phones,
there is need for the development of interactive and innovative mobile applications that can give you the taste of success and an edge over the competition.

What we offer

E-Commerce Application

We help you in bring your e-commerce website to mobile platform and let your users enjoy full functionality of your website on the Go.

Business Application

For big corporate companies and small businesses, mobile app is the latest frontier. We at Roasted Web provide feedback system, customized features, social media login and other essential features.

E-learning Application

We provide mobile app solution for e-learning website under our umbrella. Rich media support, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are our USP when it comes to developing E-learning App.

Entertainment Application

Our expert team knows the essential features required for developing an entertainment app. We provide diverse range in developing entertainment app such as Games, Video and Music app. Our customized applications have helped clients to reduce inefficiency in operations, secure digital content and improve their customer experience.

Our Technology overview

Choosing the right approach for mobile application development is critical that can make or break your project.
We at Roasted Web, use a low risk and agile mobile application development model that has ensured and proven rapid results.

Android Development

The Android OS by google which powers 64% of all smart phone is no doubt the leader in the ‘Battle of OS’. Google's Android has gained advantage as it has an open eco-system. Roasted Web develops awesome android applications for your business to give you an edge in this huge market of smartphone.

iOS Development

Since 2007, the iPhone has transformed the smartphone market. iOS is an ideal platform for a wide range of application and the high resolution feature allows more detailed graphics. We are expert in developing customized iPhone applications to help you boost your business.

HTML5 Development

Mobile app solutions are becoming an essential part of the mobile strategy of enterprises worldwide. HTML5 brings visual experience to the next level by incorporating features such as swipe and zoom, audio embedding and video, allow offline use as it includes a storage database.